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Useful WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners

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    wordpress seo tips for beginnersAre you looking for some WordPress SEO tips for beginners? When we create a website or a blog, all of us would like it to be displayed on the first page of search engines, especially on Google. So it is very important for us to apply some useful and effective SEO techniques. Luckily, WordPress makes all of this easier for us since it is one of the most popular and search engine friendly platforms. If you can apply the right search engine optimization techniques on your WordPress website or blog, you will be able to get top results.

    Some of the most famous Google engineers have stated that WordPress takes care of most of SEO by itself. It is a very bold yet interesting statement and it will show us that how good of a tool WordPress can be when it comes to search engine optimisation. So let’s get started with some very useful WordPress SEO tips and tricks.

    You should remember that this article is only the part one of my explanation to you about WordPress and how to use SEO techniques on it, you can read the part 2 of this article on this website as well which actually goes deeper into this matter. The usefulness and effectiveness of WordPress when it comes to SEO is not my statements only, a lot of other people have had experienced it by themselves too.

    1. By creating a blog, you are adding contents to Google search results quickly

    Each post or page you add to your WordPress blog or website is quickly added as a new page to Google index directory. So as a result, it will be quickly available and accessible for people around the world. Since you have used multiple keywords on each of your posts, it will be much more likely for it to be found on search engines.

    2. Google loves updates and new content

    In the old days, you could create an HTML website and by inserting some popular keywords into titles, articles body, description and keyword tags, you would be able to get high rankings. But things have changed a lot now and if you do the same things right now, it won’t make such an effect on Google liking your website or blog.

    Google loves freshly updated websites. Now it is obvious why WordPress can come to your help since it is basically based on a blog creation platform which makes it much easier for us to keep updating our blog. This reason alone will cause our websites to get much higher rankings.

    All SEO techniques are connected to each other like a chain. If you keep uploading new content to your website, it will cause people to keep coming back to your website and some of them will link their own websites to yours. This will get you more traffic, more clicks and as a result, more subscribers and a better search engine ranking.

    I hope these information helped you understand how useful WordPress can be for search engine optimization and make you eager to read the part 2 of this article which goes deeper into WordPress SEO techniques and tips. Now you know a lot of WordPress SEO tips for beginners which other people don’t.

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