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Website SEO Tips 2018 – Important Tips Everyone Should Learn

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    Are you interested to learn website SEO tips for 2018? If you have a website and you want search engines to show your website on the first page or as one of the first results viewers find, you cannot deny the importance of SEO or search engine optimization. There are a lot of tips you can learn in this regard, but in this article I want to talk about three of the most important ones of them which in my experience have been very effective for drawing visitors to your website. So if you’re interested to learn about this topic, please keep reading.

    1. Have some keywords in mind and use them throughout your website

    The good news for today’s world is that you can almost find anything on the internet and a lot of services offered on the internet are completely free of charge. The story is the same when it comes to keyword finding tools. Websites such as Google AdWords or similar ones offer keyword finding tools which are completely free of charge and make you able to recognise exactly what people are searching for on the internet which is related to the subject of your website. If you want to get some extra information about your keyword search, you can always use the paid version of these keyword finding tools.

    Of course one of the first mistakes a lot of people make when it comes to inserting keywords into the content of their websites is they try to focus more on the density of the keywords instead of naturally putting them into the content. This is a waste of time because search engines are advanced enough so that they will be able to recognize what you’re doing and will not deliver organic traffic to your website this way. Instead you should naturally integrate keywords into the content of your website and let them do their job naturally. This is the best way to be able to get some organic traffic.

    2. Create your domain name and URLs based on your keywords

    The name of your website and the URL which people see when visiting it is one of the most important part about you being able to get some of those visitors back in the future. That is why you should try to use a simple and memorable name for your domain. Also since your website have a lot of pages and posts, the URLs should also be memorable and most importantly based on one of your keywords. This has two benefits: the first one is your visitors will remember the URL much easier and the second benefit is it shows the professionalism of you and your business because the URLs are completely related to your business and your content.

    A lot of professionals suggest not to use hyphens for your domain name, I don’t completely agree with them, but they are not completely wrong either. If your domain name has three words, maybe it won’t be a bad idea to separate them by hyphens, but if it is consisted of only two words, using a hyphen may be unnecessary.

    So what if you have already purchased a domain name and it is impossible for you to modify your web page structure to include keywords in the URL? In this case, you should purchase more domain names and create many websites so that you will be able to include keywords in your URLs.

    3. Use long tail keywords

    The longer your keyword is, the more specific your subject will be and as a result, the less competition you will have which will be resulted in you being able to get more traffic for your website. A long tail keyword is basically a keyword which consist of at least three words which are related to your niche. It can go up to 4, 5 or sometimes 6 words as well. The important thing is to always try to go deeper and into more specific subjects to be able to decrease the competition and increase the number of your visitors. Of course you should not forget to use popular long tail keywords as well by using those keyword finding tools which we talked about.

    Now you know some of the most important website SEO tips for 2018.

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