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What Is the Job of a Website SEO Grader Tool?

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    When you have a website and you want to get enough ranking and traffic for it, you should know the most important part of search engine optimization or SEO is the website itself. It doesn’t matter how professional your marketing strategies are and how much you are active in social media, unless you do not optimize your website for search engines, you won’t be able to get enough traffic. You can do a lot for your website in order to make it search engine optimized. Things such as eliminating dead links, investigating the keyword density and optimizing it, creating rich content, etc. Even if you do all of this, you won’t be able to track how good you’re doing and what parts of your website SEO are still weaker than others and need to be worked on. So this is where a website SEO grader tool comes to play and it can help us learn about different aspects of our website SEO. So if you want to learn what exactly this tool can help you with, please keep reading.

    1. Analyze your whole website

    If you have created a website a year ago and you are observing that the number of visitors for your website is constantly being reduced each month and you don’t know what the reason is, this is where a website grader tool can help you. This tool will analyze your website as a whole and also as different sections. It will analyze each page and each post individually and give you the information you need to be able to learn what you should do to improve your website structure.

    2. Let you know about the pages with problems

    Sometimes when we have a website, we see some of the pages of our website have almost no visitors. The reason behind it those pages are not being indexed by search engines which will be resulted in them not being seen at all. The only chance you have in making those pages be indexed by search engines is to learn exactly what is wrong with them. This is where the website tool can help you and both recognize the problems and fix them.

    3. Making you better than your competition

    A website grader tool can I help you become better than your competition and outdo them. This means it will get information about your competition and what factors have made them successful, then it improves them for you and make you get ahead of them. Imagine most of your competition have 100 links for their websites, so if you create more number of links for your website, you will be able to outdo them. If they have a certain number of followers on social media, if you can get more number of followers, it’s a no brainer that you’ll get more traffic. The fact that this tool does all the hard investigation for you is the best part about it.

    4. Helps you in creating content for your website

    When you want to create content for your website, you need to know what keywords should be used the most and where your traffic is mostly coming from, this is exactly what a website SEO grader tool can help you with. It can give you some precious information about where your traffic is mostly coming from and which content of your website was found by searching what keywords. This can be a great help for you to create new content and apply whatever you’ve learnt based on this information.

    5. Helps your website be indexed by search engines

    Sometimes we create a website and we put so much time on creating quality content for it, but we still see that our website is not getting the traffic and ranking it deserves and it seems like search engines don’t pay any attention to it. In this case a proper website SEO grader tool can help you with analyzing what the reason is and improve the quality of your website to make it able to be noticed by search engines.

    Now you know what a website SEO grader tool is and how it can help you get more and more traffic everyday.

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