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Social Media Advertising Campaigns – Why They Are Not Working Out for You

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    We all know in today’s world social media play a big role in any business. You can launch campaigns from them and get the attention of multiple people quickly. But if you don’t use them properly, not only they may not give you the results you want, also you may be wasting your time which you could have used for other business development methods. In the following you can learn why your social media advertising campaigns are not working out for you.

    1. You are only thinking about your sales

    Email campaigns should be about sharing interesting and valuable information with your customers, not just trying to sell them something. People can completely sense if you are thinking about their benefit or yours, so if you’re constantly trying to advertise one of your services or products in your email campaigns, people won’t like you and you won’t be able to build a relationship with your customers. So try to get personal with them and care about what they care about.

    2. You’re targeting the wrong audience

    You need to make sure the websites you’re investing your time on are actually related to your business. This means for example, if you are trying to advertise newsletter templates, you should not go on a gaming website and talk about that. So try to strategize your marketing techniques according to your business.

    3. You’re not having good and enough engagements

    Social media are all about connecting and being in touch with other people, so if you’re not active enough on them, you won’t be able to go far. You need to comment on people’s status updates, reply to their comments or messages, share interesting posts and updates,etc. The mindset you should create for yourself is to give people something without thinking about what you will get back.

    4. Your information is not interesting

    As we mentioned just now, you should think about what your audience find interesting, not you. So if you’re constantly uploading useless or uninteresting information, it is obvious that your audience won’t engage. You should post valuable and interesting information, you should also know it won’t hurt to sometimes add a little humour to it as well.

    5. You’re doing it too much

    When you join social media and you follow someone or some page, you don’t need to see 50 new posts and updates from them everyday, of course it will get annoying for you. It is the same when it comes to your audience as well, so try to keep your posts or updates mostly to 5 post per day, this way you won’t get annoying for people.

    6. Not following people back

    If someone is following you on social media, it is always polite to follow them back. Of course if they are spamming you with useless content constantly, you can always stop following them. But if you follow your followers back, they will realize you care about them and you are interested in them as well.

    7. Not useing keywords in your content

    Keywords can go a long way no matter where they are used. So since your social media content will be picked up by search engines, it is always a good idea to choose popular and related keywords to be able to make people who are not even following you able to find you on the internet.

    8. Not posting something new everyday

    One of the keys for being successful in social media advertising is to be consistent. This means you should not post updates for a week and disappear for the next week or two, instead you should put time and energy into being active all the time.

    9. Not having passion for your work

    People can easily see through your words just as they can see through someone’s body language, so if you’re not passionate about your work or the information you’re sharing, your readers will realize that and won’t get interested in your content and updates. So make sure you’re writing with passion and excitement.

    By following these steps you will be able to make the most out of your social media advertising and campaigns and attract more and more people to your business everyday.

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