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Practical Newsletter Production – The Top 7 Reasons for Coalitions to Publish a Regular Newsletter

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    There are many great advantages for coalitions to publish a regular newsletter. I am surprised that more coalitions don’t use this method to their advantage.

    Check out these 7 reasons below and see what you think.

    7 Reasons to Consistently Produce a Newsletter

    Build Your List Community – Developing and producing a newsletter is a great way to build an eager list community. When your newsletter conveys great information people will be eager to get on your list and receive your information. A great benefit of having people sign up for your list (or newsletter) is that these people are the most interested in what you are doing and become highly responsive supporters for your activities and initiatives.

    Establish a Relationship – Building a relationship with your community is critical to sustainability and growth. By having a current list of subscribers and consistently (yes, this means on a regular basis) publishing good content, you can build action based relationships with your members. The easiest way to build rapport and make a connection with people in your community is to publish a regular and consistent newsletter.

    You Evolve As A Helpful Presence- You have important information to share. The work you do is impacting the community every day. As you consistently share valuable information with your community – people watch you evolve as a helpful presence and look forward to getting your information. As you become a trusted resource more people will become part of your list and you will see an increase in support for your work and strategies.

    Community Engagement Increases- Sure you can create the information for your newsletter yourself. But why create all of the content yourself when you have a whole community that is eager to share what they are doing and how they are doing it? You would be surprised how willing (and able) your community members are to share an article, a book review, an important insight. All you have to do is ask…

    Keeps You Sustainable – A newsletter shares your information with others in a way that is non-invasive. People can read your information and get involved when it is most valuable. This is important because it is a way to reduce barriers and increase access while providing valuable information to your community. Newsletters foster community-wide sustainability and support.

    Encourages Discipline – Publishing a newsletter on a regular and consistent basis takes discipline. This is key to meeting your goals and objectives. Another value added benefit is that it encourages people to pay attention to the activities, events, and news worthy happenings around the community. When others are waiting to see and hear what you have to say, you are more likely to get it done!

    Provide Access to Information – Here’s the really cool thing – when you set up your newsletter to include regular features you can promote the work of your organization, agency, or community group while providing them with valuable information. Perhaps you can have a “resource of the week,” or “connection of the week?”

    Bonus Tip – Connect Long Term – So here’s what I have learned – getting people connected is a challenge. However, the greater challenge is keeping them connected. When you provide valuable information in easy to understand ways people are more likely to stay connected with you. Connect long term with your audience by providing them with great nourishment through your newsletter.

    Here’s what I have got for you next: You can get my weekly “OCR Strategy Chronicles” online newsletter plus I will send you a tips and techniques guide that helps identify ways for you to connect using the newsletter strategy.

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