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Important Website SEO Optimization Tips

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    Do you want to learn some important Important Website SEO Optimization Tips? When we are doing search engine optimization for our web site, we need to make sure it applies to every single page. The reason behind this is Google doesn’t look at your website as a whole when he comes to showing results for people who are searching for something, instead, it tries to brings up pages and content which are the most relevant for users. It is very important for Google to get people what they want as fast as they want instead of making users jump from One website to another and search for information. This is why Google is so popular and we do a lot of search by it every day. So that is why you need to make sure your website SEO is a spot on. So you if you want to learn about the important factors which affects your website’s SEO, please keep reading since in this article we want to talk about just that.

    We can basically divide SEO factors into two main categories: on page and off page. The on page factors are the factors which are in your control and are related to whatever physically exists on your website. Off-page factors referred to any other Factor. Since you have a complete control of on page SEO factors, it means if you try to be sneaky and full Google, it will easily find it out and won’t like it and as a result, will give your website a very low ranking. These sneaky things can be delivering different pages to Google than you do to regular visitors, making links to inappropriate websites, hiding text, etc.

    This is why keeping your whole website completely clean will get you much better results than if you try to be creative and do something sneaky. You need to make sure your website has a lot of value to users since this is the single most important thing for Google, having value for users.

    You need to make sure the following things are correct and well-developed on your website:

    – The title of your pages
    – Using valid HTML
    – All the headlines
    – Names of images and their alt text
    – Page descriptions
    -Tthe main contents of each of your pages and posts
    – Links from your website to other websites and backlinks

    These were some of the most important on page SEO factors which as you can see, are completely in your control. Do them well and you’ll see a sustainable growth in your website’s ranking and visitors.

    Google and other search engines care a great deal about how long visitors stay on your website. This is why you need to make sure you make your website interesting and use different Tactics to keep your visitors engaged. This can be using proper photos, proper colors, interesting videos and most importantly, providing valuable content. You can not Force your visitors to stay on your website and you need to keep their attention by something.

    Now it’s time to talk about off page SEO factors. The basic for it is very simple, the more number of links you have to your website, the better. But the reality is much more complicated than this. Although Google tries it best to index every single page on the web, it cannot succeed completely. As a result, if you have a link from a page on the web which has not been indexed by Google, this backlink will do nothing for your website’s SEO. The important tip here is you shouldn’t try to force making Google think you have a lot of backlinks to your website by creating hundreds of them in one day, instead, you should let it happen naturally and do your off page SEO gradually so Google find your backlinks overtime which will have a much better and more natural effect.

    Now you know some of the most important Important Website SEO Optimization Tips.

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