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Best Online Store Website Design ideas

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    online store website design ideas,online store website design cost,online store website builder,online store website template,online store website free,online store website designDo you wanna get the best online store website design ideas? Once your online store is open, you have to find customers. Unlike brick and mortar stores, you don’t have a central location next to a large anchor to bring in new business. You can’t afford to sit and wait for customers to find you – you must be proactive. Search engines will send you some traffic if you are providing valuable content, but you shouldn’t depend only on search engine traffic as a means to secure the success of your business.

    Here are your ten tips to optimize your online store to make sure that you start seeing the sales you hoped for:

    #1 – Do with your photos what you have had to do with your content. Since your customers can’t touch your items, you need to provide multiple views of your product (front, back, sides, interior) and make sure the photos are professional. You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional photographer – purchase an inexpensive tripod and use your digital camera with a neutral background if you need photos quickly.

    #2 – Product reviews are very difficult to get unless you can offer some sort of incentive, but they are extremely valuable. Offer discounts or free products for reviews in order to get customers to revisit your site to review the product. Potential customers are often looking for product reviews to see if other people like they product and what experiences they have had with it before they seriously consider purchasing.

    #3 – Offer multiple payment options. Some people will not want to pay with a credit card, or they may want to use a third-party credit card processor they know and trust already like PayPal or Google Checkout. Offer at least those two options in addition to paying by credit card on your website in order to appeal to the largest number of customers possible.

    #4 – Make sure to create a logical and well-organized category structure for your website. Don’t slap everything onto one page and think that you are finished. If you are selling gourmet food, you should organize your store into categories like tea, jelly, cookies, cheese, etc. Also, use subcategories for your products if you have many items in your store.

    #4 – Include a search function on your website. Many customers may be searching for something very specific, or they may simply not want to take the time to navigate through your category structure to find out if you have the product they are looking for. Keep the search function in mind when writing product descriptions – you want to make sure that your customer will find what they are looking for!

    Now you know the bestĀ online store website design ideas and you can apply them on your online store.

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