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Important Tips for Increasing CTR and CPC for Google Adsense

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    Google adsense is big and there is no deny to that, but in order for you to be able to make my off of it, you need to to learn not only how to increase your website’s traffic, but also how to make your visitors click on the ads, since Google adsense is a CPC based network, it means you only get paid once people click on your ads. I’ve been using Google adsense for a long time and I’ve gathered a lot of experience in this area which I’m going to share with you in order to teach you how you can increase your click through rate and cost per click for Google adsense. So if you’re interested, please keep reading.

    1. Use all your ad blocks and always choose the bigger ones

    You know what they say? Bigger is always better. It is true for Google adsense ad blocks too. This means no matter how many ad sizes Google gives you, you should always opt for the bigger ones and put those on your pages. Also remember to use all the ad blocks which you are allowed to use on one page. Google lets you you put 3 ad blocks and 3 link units in a single page. I don’t recommend you going with link units because they are not very visible, but I strongly recommend you you to use all three ad blocks no matter how short your content is. Also forget blending your ADS with your content, I know some are the articles may advise you to do so, but I beg to differ. Your ad should be visible to your viewers and that’s when you get the highest chance of them being clicked on. So make them as visible as possible.

    2. Don’t forget using ads within your content

    Some people may think it makes the content ugly to put ads within them, but since your visitors have come to your website to read your content, when you put ads within them, these ads have a high chance to be clicked on. The best ad placement within your content is after the first paragraph. But don’t think that is enough and also add another ad somewhere else within your content as well. The second content ad should be placed right after the whole content is finished.

    3. Make your links and ads red

    It may sound weird to you that I’m saying that you should make your adsense ads have a reddish color, but the truth is people do not see blue links as well as they see red ones. The reason behind it is most links on the internet are blue, so people have gotten used to not caring about them and not seeing them very well. But when you make them red, it stands out. So what you should do about your adsense ads is to instead of using blue links with black text, use red links. Believe me, this will make your ads stand out much more which we talked about before that will be resulted in them being clicked on more.

    4. Text and image based ads should be your priority

    I cannot see any reason why people should not opt for image and text based ads. This will not only make your ads more visible and more appealing to the viewers, but it also increases your cost per click since much more number of advertisers will bid on it. You shouldn’t expect a very huge difference in your CPR, but if only it makes a little difference, it will become a big one in the long run.

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