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How to SEO Your WordPress Website – Important Tips

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    how to seo your wordpress website

    Do you wanna know how to SEO your WordPress website? If you have worked with WordPress, you probably already know that it’s a very capable platform for creating almost any type of blog or website. One of the best qualities of WordPress is its capability to apply SEO on your content. These capabilities are already built into this strong platform and all of us can benefit from it. If you can learn some tips and tricks in order to take advantage of all WordPress capabilities, you will be able to get a lot more traffic delivered to your blog or website. Another good news for you is that learning most of these tips are not a difficult thing and if you need to learn about them, you will be able to do so by reading this article as we have mentioned most of them here. So please keep reading.

    Of course if you will be able to have a sustainable traffic coming to your website or blog, you will be able to achieve whatever goal you have chosen for yourself no matter it is your articles being read or making money via your website.

    If we want to make a list of all of the factors which affect your WordPress SEO a lot, your post titles will be certainly number one. Your post titles must include a high ranked and preferably long tail keyword rich phrases so that when people search for that very specific keyword, your article will get a much higher chance of being viewed. So it is your job to use keyword finding tools and find the best long tail keyword for each of your articles. There are a lot of free or paid keyword finding tools on the internet which have been created for this very purpose. This is the most important and effective thing you can do for your WordPress search engine optimisation.

    Create a sitemap for your WordPress website. Having a sitemap on your blog or website not only will help your visitors to find what they want easier and browse through your website or blog much easier, it also has a great impact on the whole ranking of your website in search engines. When you create a sitemap, all your content will be listed in a specific page and all their titles as well, so it is obvious that search engines will be able to find each of those titles much easier if people search for them. The good thing is that there are already a lot of free WordPress plugins available which will create a simple or professional website for you based on your desire.

    Paying attention to the images of your website is also very important. When we look at an image on a WordPress website, we might only see the image itself, but the truth is if the owner of the website has been smart enough, they have probably already controlled and optimised the elements behind each image. Elements like image title, alt text and the image name itself, all and all can be optimised. Again your keywords will come to your rescue in this case as well, as you will need to put those keywords into these elements.

    Meta tags can be also very important for your WordPress SEO as they will generate some comprehensive and keyword rich content for search engines and viewers.

    Of course these tips are not the whole story of WordPress SEO, but they are certainly some of the most important ones which if applied correctly, will make a great impact on the ranking of your blog and will create a sustainable growth for your traffic. You can also find a lot more useful information in this regard by searching more on the internet. I hope this article have been able to introduce you to some drops of the WordPress SEO sea and make you more eager to go after other tips. Now you can spread these tips on how to SEO your WordPress website.

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