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How to SEO Your WordPress Site

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    how to seo your wordpress siteAre you wondering how to SEO your WordPress site? If you’re thinking about creating a WordPress blog, it is essential for you to learn some useful tips and tricks for WordPress SEO. The good news for you is that WordPress is already doing a lot of the job for you and is already well optimized for search engines. But it doesn’t mean you cannot improve your blogs search engine optimization. In today’s world, a lot of people are already creating their websites or blogs with WordPress, so it’s means they’re already applying some search engine optimization tips and tricks automatically, so if you want to be a head of the game and make search engines pay attention to your blog comma try to apply the following tips as they will help your lot in this regard.

    The good thing about applying SEO tips on your WordPress blog is that they are free and we can do them mostly on your own period so if you’re interested to learn about this comma please keep reading since in this article were going to talk about just that.

    1. Treat post titles as the most important part of SEO

    Basically the posts title is a short description which should be full of keywords and interesting elements. It is very important for you to do a keyword research before choosing each ones of your posts titles. This way you will be able to come up with some great long tail keywords which are the search engines most favourite. You can also benefit from some free yet advanced WordPress plugins such as all in one SEO pack. This plug-in will help you a lot for the whole process of your blog’s SEO.

    2. Optimising your permalinks is the second most important part of your SEO

    Well, creating a SEO friendly permalink is not a difficult thing to do since it must include your post’s title. Since permalinks create the URL which is shown in everyone’s browser address bar, it is essential for them to contain some great keywords just like your post titles. If you have already created your own website, try not to mess with the permalink since it can be resulted in some big screw ups which will not only be harmful for your SEO, but also it might create a difference between the post title and it’s permalink which of course is not good. You can decide how your permalinks will appear by going into the settings option of WordPress and then choosing permalinks.

    3. You shouldn’t forget about your tags

    You’ve probably already heard of meta tags. Meta tags include many different types and only a few of them are useful for search engine optimisation. Meta tags basically show people the purpose of your websites and give them a brief description about the content of your blog or website. The two type of meta tags which are mostly used for SEO are meta keywords and meta description.

    As each one’s name shows, meta description is a type of meta tag in which you provide a brief yet complete and keyword rich description about your website. Meta keyword is useful for providing the most important and long tail keywords which are already used in your websites. Some people say meta tags are not useful for SEO anymore, but they’re wrong and you will be able to prove that if you just do a simple research about it on the internet.

    4. Optimising images are also important

    Some of us might think that images which exist on our website cannot be very optimised for search engines, but the truth is behind each image there are multiple elements you can control in order to make it more search engine friendly. If you have a website on which there are a lot of images, it is essential for you to learn how to apply SEO on them to be able to get a lot of your traffic based on Google image searches. First you should choose a keyword included phrase for each of your images, the next step would be to use this phrase as the title of the image, alt text and image’s name. Do this and you will be rewarded with a huge amount of extra traffic coming to your website.

    I hope these useful SEO tips help you in order to create a better and more effective WordPress website to take advantage of all it’s capabilities when it comes to search engine optimization. Now you know very well how to SEO your WordPress site.

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