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Create a Search Engine Optimized Website by Creating More Pages

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    Do you know how to create a search engine optimized website? Imagine you’re visiting a website right now, what is the first thing you see when the page is completely loaded? Of course it is the header of that page which is a home to the logo and probably the name of the website. Below that there is a menu and below that is where the content begins. In this article we want to talk about how optimizing the pages of your website can have a great impact on its search engine optimization. So if you’re interested to learn about this topic, please keep reading.

    Of course each website has a home page, but in order for any website to be search engine optimized well, they need to have some other pages such as about us, contact us, terms of service, privacy policy. Each of these pages can be optimized in their own way as well, but the important thing to remember is you should always create these pages for any website you create. Of course you can add some other pages such as testimonials, services,etc. as well. The pages which can be search engine optimized the most are home page, about us, testimonials and services.

    So what do we mean exactly when we say search engine optimizing a page? It means it should have elements in it that make search engines crawl into it and show it in the search results.

    How do you improve the SEO of your pages?

    Well, the most important thing you should know is that your homepage is the most important page of your whole website. This is because more than half of the visitors who visit your website are going to land on your homepage first. So it goes without saying that you need to focus most of your efforts in search engine optimization of this page. This means you need to make sure there are valuable content on your homepage which makes both search engines and uses interested.

    If you want to make sure your homepage is search engine optimized, you need to make sure it doesn’t only contain one or two of your target keywords and instead, it includes dozens of them. This should not be done for your other pages, but the story is different for your homepage. Your homepage should also have links to other pages of your website so that when visitors land on your homepage, they can find what they are looking for easily. A well-developed homepage will also lead search engines to the related pages which they are looking for.

    Now let’s talk about other pages of your website. Of course they should be optimized too and the way for it is they should include 1- 3 keywords for each of the pages that appear on your website menu. Also if you have a “services” page, each of your services must at least have one long tail targeted keyword. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of keywords for search engine optimization. So it is essential for you to use free or paid keyword finding tools which can be found on the internet and choose some keywords related to your website, preferably long tail ones of them.

    Increasing the number of your pages is also very important. After you’re done with optimizing your “services” page which includes a brief and comprehensive explanation about each of your services, now it’s time for you to create dedicated pages for each of your services and optimize them. The point is to increase the number of crawlable pages of your website. Imagine you have the 4 pages which we mentioned before, but if you are offering 7 or 8 types of services, if you create one single page for each of individually, the number of your search engine optimized pages will be increased to almost 11 pages and as a result, now you will have a much better chance of guiding search engines to crawl through your website.

    Now you know some of the most important tips about how to create a search engine optimized website.

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