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How to Make Your Online Store More Appealing for the Holidays

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    If you’re thinking about creating an online store around the holidays, you need to learn some important tips and techniques and how you can make it more appealing and as a result, make more sales. If you can get your visitors more attracted to your online store and the products or services you’re providing on it, you will be able to take advantage of people’s generosity around the holidays and make yourself more money. So if you’re interested to learn about this topic, please keep reading since in this article we want to talk about just that.

    1. Make sure you’re displaying available products

    It is never good that the main page of your online store displays a bunch of products which are not available and cannot be purchased. This will just clutter up your online store and also it annoys viewers by having to scroll down to get to the available products. So make sure your online store only displays available products or at least it displays them in more visible areas.

    2. Make sure to deliver purchased items on time

    If people are browsing through your online store before or on holidays, it probably means they want to buy something for the holidays, so the last thing they want is facing a delayed delivery. Maybe they want to purchase a gift for someone or use some kind of decoration for the holidays, so if the item they have purchased delivers to them late, it will ruin the whole purpose of their purchase. So make sure to have your delivery rates and seasonal schedule clearly set so that your employees know how to deal with them and commit to them.

    3. Give away free items

    Who doesn’t like a free gift? It is always a good idea to give away free gifts to your clients. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive, but they should be free and valuable in some way. To let your customers know how much of a great deal they are getting, you can include the original selling price of that item. It is also a good idea to send two mailings, the first one 1 months before the holiday and next one 1 week before.

    4. Create the possibility to be easily contacted by your customers

    As we talked about before, around the holidays people care a lot about their planning and the fact that what they have just purchased arrives at the promised time, so maybe they need to contact you and ask about where the delivery schedule is standing and how much more time they have to wait until their purchased item arrives. So make sure to provide different ways of contact on your online store. It can be providing your work phone number, cell phone number, fax, email, telegram ID, etc. All of this will give your customers a sense of certainty that they can reach you if they need you.

    5. Care about your customers feedback

    We cannot deny the importance of customer feedback when it comes to improving any business. So make sure to provide some sort of a system or a form on which your customers can give their feedback about your services and the items they have purchased. This not only can let you know how good you are doing and how satisfied your customers are, it can also give you new ideas which you didn’t know existed. It may sound weird, but sometimes customers point out some tips which you were not seeing before and now you can use them to improve your business. When you let your customers give you feedback, they are basically talking to you and letting you know about what they think of you and your online store, so since customers are the ones who are going to make you money, the most important thing is to learn what they care about and want from you.

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