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How to Increase the Ranking of Your YouTube Videos

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    YouTube is one of the most visited websites everyday and it has been like this for several years. This can be both good news and bad news for people who want to create a successful channel on it. These people get excited for the fact that if they post new videos, lots of people will be online to check them out, but these people also are very concerned about how they can be successful when the competition about every niche is severe. This is where YouTube SEO techniques come to play. In this article we want to talk to you about the most important factors which YouTube takes into consideration for ranking any video or Channel. So if you’re interested to learn about them, please keep reading.

    1. The number of your channel views

    This is a big one for YouTube and a big decider for how worthy your content is. The more channel views you get, the higher your channel’s rating will be

    2. The number of video views

    Maybe you are familiar with this one more than any other, the more number of views your videos get, the higher of a chance you will have for YouTube to give a great ranking to your channel and all your videos.

    3. The number of comments on your videos

    The effect of comments may not be as strong as views or likes, but it is still important for your videos to have comments. If at the beginning you’re not getting lots of comments by people, you can create multiple accounts and comment on your own videos, this way you’ll start up the fire.

    4. The number of likes vs dislikes

    I’m sure almost every time you open a video on YouTube, you immediately check its likes versus dislikes status. Other people do the same, so it is important for your videos to get more number of likes versus dislikes. If this balance grows negatively, your video will be almost dead because no one will keep watching it because their eyes immediately go to the higher dislike ratio. So what is the best thing you can do to get more likes? The answer is creating truly quality videos.

    5. Video favorites

    The more number of favorites your videos receive, the higher you will rank. This will create a web-like effect and other YouTube favorites lists will show you as well.

    6. The number of your subscribers

    There is a reason that almost every YouTuber tries to encourage you to subscribe to their channel somewhere during or at the end of their videos, this is because they know it very well that the more number of subscribers they have, not only it will add to their credibility in the eyes of other people, it also tells search engines and YouTube itself that your channel is a quality channel which will be resulted in being ranked much higher.

    7. Get lots of backlinks. Getting backlinks to your videos can have a great positive effect on your channel SEO. What you need to do is to create some blogs of your own and create backlinks from there. You can also visit related forums and submit your videos with a link to their YouTube directory. Another great idea is to use social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, etc. Join them and create pages or channels of your own and try to expand your fan base and then create backlinks to your videos.

    8. Keep posting videos and stay active. Nothing kills a YouTube channel quicker than becoming inactive. When you constantly post new and fresh videos and talk about new interesting information, people will start subscribing to your channel. Also you will be able to keep your current subscribers interested. Of course this needs dedication and hard work, but it is a business and just like any other business you have to maintain your visibility in it.

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