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How Google AdSense Pays You

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    Google AdSense is and has always been one of the best ways for making money online. If you have a blog or a website and it has enough valuable content, you can get your hopes up for being approved for Google AdSense program when you apply for it. Adsense has the best CTR among of the competitions, so is a no-brainer that a lot of people wish to go for it. When a visitor visits your website and is looking for some sort of information, if they are not completely satisfied by the information given on a specific article or throughout your whole website, they may decide to click on an ad which is completely related to what they are looking for. All of this has been made possible by Google adsense and its customizability when it comes to add settings. Anyways if you are already making money by Google adsense, you need to learn through which way it pays you. So if you’re interested to learn about it, please keep reading.

    First let’s talk a little about how you can increase your income from Google adsense. Regular monitoring of traffic logs of Google adsense reports can be put into great use and can give you a lot of useful information on how you can improve your website and traffic. Also you need to make sure your landing page has at least 500 words in it. Also check if the displayed ads are related to the content of your website or not. If the content of the ads is not really related to what you’re talking about in your articles, you may want to go deeper and get more specific about the niche you are talking about. The more specific you get, the more likely it is for related ads to show up on your page.

    Now let’s talk about how Google adsense pays you. It used to be different before, but right now on the time this article is being written, if your account balance reaches to $100, you can ask for a payment. Google adsense sends you payment via check which can be converted into money in your bank account. Unfortunately this is the only way Google adsense pays you and for people who are looking for other ways of payment such as PayPal or other similar methods, we have bad news that receiving the check and converting it to money in your bank account is the only way.

    But you should know before your account balance reaches to $100, when it reaches to $10, Google sends you a code via mail to verify the address in your adsense account you need to get this code and enter it in the specific part of your adsense account to verify your address. If you don’t get the mail or it takes too long for you to open it and enter the code, adsense ads will stop being displayed on your website(s).

    A lot of people are not completely satisfied with their adsense income at the beginning, this is because they either have one website on which ads are being displayed, or they have many websites, but none of them have the desired quality it should have. Google cares about quality content like nothing else, so the thing you need to care about the most is creating quality content. What we mean by quality content is the type of content which viewers actually learn something from. Of course you may think copying and pasting content from other website even with source mentioning can do the same thing and be valuable for viewers, but this is banned by Google and will not only prevent your adsense account forom being approved, but it also can suspend an approved account.

    The best way for you to work with Google adsense is to be genuine and honest and provide valuable and original content. When we say “content” we don’t necessarily mean written content, you can provide tutorial videos, tutorial audios, etc. Be genuine and honest and Google will definitely reward you with a great income for a long time.

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