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Learn Some Important Google AdSense Website Ideas

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    google adsense website ideasAre you looking for some useful Google Adsense website ideas? In today’s world, more and more people are being attracted to making money by creating a website. This is where Adsense comes in which helps people to reach this goal and have quite a nice income brought to them by putting AdSense ads on their website. Just because everyone can put up a website and submit an application to AdSense doesn’t necessarily mean they are able to make money from it. You have to follow some certain tips and tricks to be able to stand out among the rest of people who are also willing to earn some money from AdSense. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to your benefit.

    The Placement of Your Ads Is Important

    Placing your ads on the top of your pages , right after the article topic or at the top of your sidebar is a great idea for increasing the number of clicks done on your ads. It goes without saying that if you place your ad units somewhere at the top of your pages, your visitors are much easier able to see them and click on them. Your CTR is the most important factor making you money via Adsense.

    Have an Interesting Website

    If you have a boring website with a very boring topic the no one is willing to read it. If you focus on the content of your website and try to make it as a special and interesting as possible you will be able to attract more visitors and the important thing here is this way your ads will be much more interesting to your visitors as well.

    Having Blue Links

    Try not to use other link colors , your links should be blue sense it is the color most people are used to when they’re dealing with a link, this will increase your CTR by a great amount.

    Don’t Get Excited too Early

    If your website is still unfinished and you still have some work to do on it, don’t just go and put up ads on it , your web site must be done first to be able to show related ads. If you submit an unfinished website Adsense, your application is likely to be rejected as well.

    Blend Your Ads with Rest of the Page

    Try to use the same background color , font and font color for your ad units so that you are able to blend them in with rest of the page. If you don’t do this, your ads will stand out too much which is an unpleasant thing to look at.

    So now you know some basic but important tips and tricks for creating a website which is suited for AdSense well. Try to follow these easy tips and you will increase your income for sure. Despite many other people, now you do know some important Google Adsense website ideas.

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