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Google Adsense Tips For Bloggers

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    google adsense tips for bloggersDo you wanna learn some important Google Adsense tips for bloggers? If you want to make money by websites you have you can always submit them to Adsense and if they are approved you will be able to put AdSense ads on your website and if visitors click on them , you’ll make money. If we want to give a clear explanation of Google AdSense we can say it is an ad serving program which is run by Google. After you have added ad scripts on your website, if you’re Adsense application is approved , ads with related subjects to your website will be shown. It sounds simple, right? But you have to pay attention to some tips and tricks to be able to make the best out of your website working with Adsense.

    Follow the following tips to be able to make the most out of your AdSense business:

    1. Try to blend in your AdSense ads with the rest of your website

    It is important to blend in everything about your ads to the rest of your website. Try to use the same font, text color , background color and also remove the ad borders. You don’t want your ads to stand out too much from the rest of your website.

    2. Insert your ads at the top of every page

    If you put your ads not at the top of your page and put them somewhere in the middle or at the bottom of pages, visitors will have a harder time seeing them which is something you don’t want, try to put your ads at the top of every page in places like right below your article’s subject or at the top of your sidebar.

    3. Always remember that Google is smarter than you

    You should never and I mean never try to click on your own ads or hire other people to do so. Google is much smarter than you and we’ll figure this out easily and your AdSense account will be closed for the rest of your life and there is no way to bring it back on.

    4. Go for specific keywords

    Probably the most important thing you can do for your website to get a higher ranking for it is to add some specific keywords – preferably long tail keywords – so the related ads on that page will be shown according to those keywords. You should try to keep your keyword density in the 2 – 5% range. Do so and you will get some great results.

    5. Don’t be afraid to test different ad formats

    You never know what size or color for ads is the best option for you unless you try them out. Try to test and see what size and color is the best option for you and get you the best results.

    These are some not so complicated but very important tips you can apply on your website which will get you some great results for sure. I have tested all of these tips on my AdSense website and they were quite useful. After applying these changes you can easily see a noticeable growth in your website’s traffic and as a result, your income. Now you know very important google adsense tips for bloggers.

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