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How to Make Your Email Marketing Business Profitable – Important Email Marketing Strategy 2017

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    email marketing strategy 2017Do you wanna learn an email marketing strategy 2017? Email marketing is one of the best and most important types of making money online and is being used by a lot of people in today’s world. You might think email marketing is not such a complicated thing to do and is simple, but you would be surprised to find out a simple as it might sound it is actually filled with a lot of tricks and important tips that should be followed in order to earn you the best income. Creating a great email marketing campaign Can be very effective to validate both your company and your products. You should try not to appear as one of those annoying email senders which all of us hate. Follow the following tips and your email marketing business is guaranteed to be profitable for you.

    1. Time your emails right

    Whenever you want to send an email campaign to your customers you should always pay attention to what time of the day it is and if is it the most appropriate time for sending your email campaign. For example, if it’s too early in the morning, your customers might be busy with their daily tasks and even if they check their inbox, your email is lost between a lot of other emails which they might have received. Also if you send your emails late at night, it’s not the greatest time either. So try to be smart and choose the best time during the day.

    2. Design and layout are important

    In every business the way you present your product or what you want to sell to your customers is always important and email marketing is no exception. If I want to teach you what exactly you should pay attention to about the design of your emails when you are dealing with email marketing, it can take up a whole article. But some of the most important tips you should pay attention to are the following. The size of the font you use is important. Too small or too big font sizes or not proper. It goes without saying that this will get them into trouble of reading what you have written. Try to use a font size of around 30pt for your headers and font size of around 14pt for your content. The fewer images you use the better since most of people do not want and will not open images. Try to write your emails in a plain text form.

    3. Your subject line is the most important part

    The most important thing that differentiates emails which are read and which are not is its subject line. If you don’t know, a subject line is the little sentence which shows in your inbox when you receive an email and it tells you what the whole email is all about. So it goes without saying that it is very important to choose a smart subject line which attracts your customers and convinces them to open up the email. Some words are like poison to subject lines, some of those are “free”, “deal” and “offer” which are used a lot in a lot of emails which we receive and will prevent receivers from opening the email.

    4. Have a useful and relevant content

    Since opening up your emails takes some time from your receivers , you should have something useful to say and they should feel like there’s a benefit for them by reading this email. Maybe you are promoting your products or whatever you are trying to convince your customers is good , but as long as you don’t make them feel there’s a benefit for them, you will be out of luck. Free example if you’re into fashion and are advertising something, one example is to offer an alert system which lets your customers know when the prices drop.

    5. Stay mobile and up to date

    As we all know, more and more people are being drawn to their cellphones every day and do most of their internet-related tasks by their cellphones. So if you want to be successful in your email marketing business, you should make and create emails that are readable via cellphone formats and are customized in a way that attracts customers to read the whole email even on their cellphones. Since there are different sizes of cellphones with different browsers , we should act smartly and do our best. Now you know about email marketing strategy 2017 well.

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