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Email Marketing Do’s And Don’ts

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    email marketing do's and don'tsHere you can learn some of the main email marketing do’s and don’ts. Email has always been one of the most important tools connecting people and has been around almost since the day internet came to people’s lives. Some people are saying email marketing is no longer useful and effective, but I beg to differ, I had a lot of experience and I could gain a lot of success using email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most useful tools for you to communicate with your customers in the easiest way and in the most cost-effective way. In the following, you can read some of the most important email marketing tips:

    1. Subject Line: Pay a lot of attention to your subject line when sending an email to your customers since your subject line is the only thing they are going to see before opening the email, so if it’s not attractive and enticing , your email won’t get opened and the whole process will be completely useless. Some tips you should remember when creating a subject line is to make it short and brief and also awake people’s curiosity by it.

    2. Build relationship and trust: If you only send emails to your clients in order to sell your products or your services to them , it is much less likely for them to be willing to open your emails in the future since they are not getting anything useful out of them. Try to give them free advice, tips and useful things in your emails so that in the future they trust you more and be willing to open your emails.

    One important trick you can always use is to imagine you want to send an email to one of your close friends , so how would you write that email? That’s right, in a friendly way. So try to do that and be friendly in your emails so that your clients don’t feel like you’re just a corporate stooge who wants to sell them their services.

    3. Create different groups for your database: When you have been in business for quite a while and have been dealing with a lot of customers you will know that some of your customers are counted as your old customers, some are new, some are active, etc. So the thing you should do is to segment your customers into different groups and send each group emails that are relative to that group.

    4. So now you’ve learned a lot of email marketing tips to improve this part of your business, but you can always use some extra tips and tricks: Test out everything, your offer, your subject lines, etc. Test out which one will get you the best results.

    Social media can be a great tool too. Websites like Facebook can be a great help for you if you build a list of your customers in it too. If you send an email through your Facebook profile to a lot of people it can be sometimes as effective as sending an email through your email service. Now go and apply these email marketing do’s and don’ts.

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