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Email Marketing Best Practices 2017

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    email marketing best practices 2017

    Do you wanna learn about email marketing best practices 2017? A lot of people think that email marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. If you’re one of those people then you should know there are some tips and tricks in email marketing that if you pay attention to, you will be able to make much more profit. In the following article you can read some of these important email marketing tips and tricks.

    1. Use Simple Text and Avoid Anything too Graphic Like Flash

    If your emails include too much graphic stuff like flash or some kinds of animations, it is much less likely for people to read the whole email. So try to stick to plain text as it is the best way that your audience will feel you are a professional and take you seriously.

    Just imagine you are reading an email and see some flesh in it, you will most likely feel like it is an advertisement email, but if you open an email and it is all text, you’ll get the feeling that it might actually have something important to say to you. So if you send your email only using plain text, your audience most likely will finish the whole email which has a great impact on the whole dynamic of your business which can be resulted in you making more money in the long run.

    2. Try to Be Personal in Your Emails

    The more personal emails are the more your customer will feel connected to you and as a result they will trust you. Try to use people’s name in your emails to make emails more personal which you already know is a great thing to do. You can do this by using a certain code within your autoresponder.

    3. Staying on Point is Always Important

    When people are sending emails to their customers , they usually make the mistake of not focusing on the main subject and sometimes talking about other stuff which are related to the main subject. In news you mostly see they are mostly focused on one certain subject and give you the important information in the shortest period of time, this way you will stay interested. So writing your emails like that is always a great idea since your audience won’t lose interest and will get the gist completely. One example is that if you are talking about diet and fitness in one of your emails , you don’t want to talk about a new innovation which recently has been done unless it is related to diet or fitness

    If you pay attention and do these three email marketing tips, it is much more likely that you will get lots of responses to your emails. The more responses you get the more sales you will have and you will make much more money which is the whole point anyway. These were some tips onĀ email marketing best practices 2017.

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