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Don’t Be Recognized as a Spammer – Best Email Marketing Practices

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    One of the challenges of email marketing is not being labelled a spammer. One of the best ways to communicate with your customers and subscribers is via email marketing, but for you to be able to achieve such a goal, you need to learn the important techniques about it. One very important tips you should know is not losing contact with your subscribers for a long time since this way they will forget all about you. If the last email you sent to your subscribers was several months ago and now you want to send them another one, they probably have forgotten who you are and what business you have with them, so they will probably click on the spam button. This will be resulted in you going towards been considered a spammer by that mail service provider. Too much spam labels and your account can get banned. So let’s talk about how we can prevent this from happening.

    So if you already have a website and you have set up your autoresponder and sign up forms on it, now it’s time to talk about how you can send effective email marketing campaigns to your subscribers and how to prevent your emails from being deleted or considered as spam.

    1. Send a welcome email

    One of the most enjoyable things for your subscribers is getting a welcome email right after they subscribe and preferably with a free gift in it. It’s always nice to be welcomed, so make sure to write down a warm yet professional welcome email and automatically send it to any new subscriber. Also if you promised them a free download, don’t make it too complicated for them to get the download link and make sure to provide them with it quickly.

    2. Send follow up emails

    After your subscribers have joined you, now it’s time for you to send some follow up emails and give them free information about whatever they’re interested in. For example, you may want to teach them 7 effective ways by which they can make money online, what you need to do is divide these 7 steps into 7 emails sent separately in 7 days by order, this way they won’t lose interest and they eagerly wait to get your next email.

    3. Don’t try to fool your audience for opening an email

    It is always annoying to open an email and see that it has nothing or little to do with the subject line of it. So don’t make the same mistake, make sure the subject line of your email completely describes its content. Your audience will be quite mad if they open an email and find out they have been tricked by its name.

    4. Provide an “unsubscribe” link at the end of your emails

    Your audience should always have the choice to unsubscribe from whatever list they have already joined. This does not necessarily mean they hate you, it just means they may prefer not to receive your emails anymore because they simply want to have a clean inbox or don’t constantly be bothered by receiving an email notification. So make sure to provide an “unsubscribe” link at the end of each of your emails.

    5. Create a relationship with your audience

    People always like it when they realize their opinion matters, so if you can ask your audience questions in your emails and respectfully ask them to give their opinion about an upcoming product, service or the content of your website, they will always appreciate it. Of course you may not get a response from everyone, but it is a big step towards making a relationship with your audience which is going to pay big time in the future.

    6. Reward your audience

    It is not a good idea to keep sending one sales email after another, you should sometimes reward your audience with a free gift because of their participation or valuable information given to you. This will let them know their opinion and cooperation is not going unnoticed and unrewarded.

    7. Learn about your audience

    This one is very important. If you don’t get to know your audience and learn what they are interested in and how often they like to receive emails from you, you may end up being labelled as a spammer. Divide your subscribers into different categories and send email campaigns to each of them based on their interests in different topics and time intervals they like to receive emails on.

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