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CTR and CPC – How to Improve Them for Your AdSence Website

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    For people using Google adsense as one of their sources of income, it is important to know that adsense basically gives you income based on the ads on each of your pages which are related to the niche of that page. You basically are paid based on cost per click or CPC, not the overall traffic of your website. So if you can learn how to make the most out of your existing traffic, you will be able to double your income. In this article I want to talk about how you can do just that with your existing traffic.

    1. Use all of your ad blocks and make them visible

    Adsense allow us to put 3 ad blocks on each of our pages, so why not use them all? By using all 3 ad blocks on your pages, you not only give advertisers an opportunity to take advantage of this space and show some related ads, you also increase the chances of your ads being seen everywhere the viewer navigates to. You are allowed to use three ad blocks and also three link units for each page, although I don’t necessarily recommend you to use link units since they are not nearly as visible as ad blocks.

    We’ve been told that blending ads with the content of our pages is always a good idea, but that is not always the case. Sometimes standing out is the better option because as long as your viewers see your ads, if it is about something they’re interested in, they’re going to click on it. Also using smaller blocks is not a good idea. Bigger is always better in this case since you want your ads to be seen and whatever tactic you can use to make that happen, do it.

    2. Place two ad blocks within your content

    Many people think this will make the page look ugly and unappealing, but I beg to differ. Experience have shown me that the ads which are located within the content are the most clicked on. So I think the best placement for those two ad blocks is the first one being inserted after the first paragraph and the other one after the whole content.

    3. Make your ad links red

    A lot of people think it is always better for their ads to have black text and blue links, but again experience has shown me that using red links will get you much higher clicks than using blue links. So what you want to do is to make all the links of your website into a red color and make your adsense links red as well. We’re not talking about bright red, what we’re talking about here is more of a maroon red. This will make them more elegant.

    4. Use ads with text and image combined together

    When adsense has an option for it, there’s a reason for it. My experience has shown me that using text and image based ads gradually increases CPC of my ads. Of course it’s not going to happen overnight, but it will happen gradually. The reason behind it is if you allow both text and image for your ads, more advertisers will bid on them and will be able to show whatever they want.

    5. Insert an ad right under the first paragraph of each post

    This had proven to be the best performing at placement, at least for me. Using a 300 * 250 ad block right before the first paragraph of each of your posts will get you great results. These blocks are much better than floating ads to the right of the content or to the left. There are a lot of good WordPress plugins which allow you to insert your ad blocks after a certain number of paragraphs, so just use those plugins.

    By following these tips you will be able to get a stainable growth for your CPC and CTR and actually observe the great results you’re getting.

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