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Commercial Products on YouTube Video Marketing

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    The advent of the internet caused the television to lose its control over advertising. Ten years ago, the television was the preferred home entertainment source for most people. These days, it is normal to find all the members of the family glued on to their own respective PCs or laptops. Especially now that computers and the internet have become affordable home staples. Advertisers are aware of this development that is why most of them have joined the YouTube video marketing band wagon.

    Most commercial products have uploaded their advertisements on YouTube in addition to their television slots. On YouTube, their advertisements are more likely to be seen and talked about. However, they also will not pull out their TV slots at the moment because it still is a tried and tested marketing platform.

    Many of us already know what happens to YouTube videos. These are often viewed several times by a single user and shared to other users a thousand times over. That is infinitely better than getting a shot at a scheduled, expensive television exposure. The marketers can be sure that their goal to spread awareness about their product is achieved and it only takes a single upload and a few emails containing the links to key persons.

    Videos designed for YouTube advertising are often more entertaining and interesting that their TV counterparts. It is because on TV, the style is more ‘in your face’ where in as viewers, we have no option but to go through the adverts as we await the continuation of the show being watched. On YouTube, there is a proactive step from the viewer to see the clip, and it should be very interesting to make the search worthwhile. If the clip is nothing sort of interesting, the viewer can easily press stop and move on to the next video.

    Almost all big companies have used YouTube as vehicle to promote their products. Examples of these products are Old Spice, Porsche, Honda, Volvo, Apple Mac, Intel, Coke, Pepsi, Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Ben and Jerry’s, T-Mobile, AT&T, Maybelline, Revlon, Victoria’s Secret, Burberry and a lot more. It can be said that all manufacturers and marketers uploaded videos on YouTube to take advantage of its popularity. They even upload old commercials as old as the 70’s for the sake of novelty and produce different versions of a single advert for variety. People will find out, watch the videos and be entertained and there will be a strong product recall that will make the selling easier.

    On YouTube, all advertisers are on the same footing, because the videos can be freely viewed, it is just a matter of video quality that would determine the popularity of your product. A well thought out YouTube advertisement is a good video marketing tool. YouTube is not limited for personal use and the creators know it, they are aware that their website has evolved from a video sharing community into a marketing and advertisement channel that helps boost the sales of many products and services.

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