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Are You a Beginner in Google Adsense? Important Tips for You

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    If you are here, you probably already have some problem earning the amount of money you want on Google adsense. There can be multiple reasons for you to be in this kind of situation and if you learn some tips and tricks, you will be able to increase your revenue a lot. Some of us are constantly writing great quality content and putting it on our Adsense blog, but nothing is happening, we just get a little more traffic every day which almost doesn’t make any difference in our monthly income. So if you want to learn how you can improve your Google adsense business and revenue, please keep reading since in this article we are going to talk about just that.

    1. Pay special attention to the title of your articles

    If you have a website for Google adsense, your website already has a lot of articles in it, one thing you should really learn is the importance of the title of each of your articles. One of the first things that adsense algorithms pay attention to is this title, is it search engine friendly or not? Does it contain a long tail keyword which people are looking for or not? If you can nail the title of your article, you will be able to increase the whole rating of your website quite a lot. Search find long tail keywords and insert them into your title. If you don’t do anything else, do this!

    2. Your article’s body is important

    We told you about the importance of the title of youe articles, but you shouldn’t forget about the body as well. So what is the body? As the name says it all, it is the main text of your article in which you talk about your topic. It should also be filled with keyboards and specially long tail ones. But one thing to remember is not to overuse keywords since it will cause Google to count your website and unworthy one and kind of a spam which will hurt your credibility and the total rating of your website.

    3. The first paragraph should be your main focus point

    The first paragraph of your article is the most important paragraph, you should provide a very brief yet informative introduction of a topic you want to talk about throughout the whole article. The first lines of the first paragraph will be shown right below the the title of your article in search engines which is very important for readers, Google cares about it a lot too.

    4. Create sitemap, contact us, privacy policy and terms of service pages

    The sitemap is very important for search engines to be able to find what your website is all about and it will make it much easier for both search engines and people to find your website when they are looking for a related topic. You should also create a contact us page because it will make you trustworthy and Google adsense cares about valid websites a lot. Pages like privacy policy and terms of service are important to too and you can see them and almost any legit website.

    There are numerous other tips and tricks on how to create a website which is good for Google adsense and will be approved by it, you can just use the internet as it is one of the most versatile tools in today’s world for almost finding anything. So search around and improve your blog creation skills so that you will be able to make your blog or website accepted in adsense on your first try. The more time and energy you put into learning about adsense approval tips, the higher chance you will have on your website being approved on the first time which will prevent you from wasting time and energy. I hope these tips help you get a better comprehension of how Google adsense works and how we can get your account approved.

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