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Google Adsense Tips And Tricks 2016

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    adsense tips and tricks 2016What are some important Google Adsense tips and tricks 2016? If you want to know how you’re able to increase your income from Google AdSense everyday , then read the article below. In the following , you can find some of the most important tips which can be a great help for you both to approve your Adsense application and to have a great income from Google AdSense.

    Best Ad Placements:

    If you place your ads on the right place on every page of your website, your income can increase that much that you’ll be surprised. It’s been proven that placing your ads on the left side of each page of your website will increase the chance of people clicking on it. Placing your ads above the fold is also a great idea. “Fold” is the area on your website which you don’t need to scroll down and without scrolling down everyone can see its content. Putting ads in this area will help your visitors to be able to see your ad units easily and it goes without saying that the chances of those ads being clicked on will increase a lot.

    The Best Color for Your Ads:

    Is very important to pay attention to the color of your ads, it’s much better for them to blend in with the whole background and other elements of your page. If you do this , those ads won’t stand up as an ad, which is a great thing. Also pay attention that the background of your ads is the same color or at least a similar color to the background color or the color of other elements of the page. You should pay attention to the ad’s text as well and try to make it the same color as the rest of the text in the page. Paying attention to the font size to be similar as your pages font size is important too. If you do all of this nice customizations , your website will look much nicer and you have a higher chance your visitors liking it and as a result, clicking on your ads.

    Having a Correct Tracking System:

    It is quite essential to know which one of your ads is making the most money for you and which one is the most useless one. If you track your ads properly you’re able to know all of this which can be resulted in you replacing those ads which are not making money for you with new ads that have been profitable before. Sometimes having some ads in some specific areas of your website will make that ad a money making app , so if you can track this, you are able to put more ads on those certain areas on different pages of your website. By tracking and analyzing your website’s ads, you are easily able to know all the money making ads and know witch sizes, colors, placements and type of ad is working for you the best. Now you can name some important Google Adsense tips and tricks 2016.

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