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7 Home Business Ideas – Newsletter Tips

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    If you are thinking about publishing your own Home Business Ideas newsletter there are a few things you should keep in mind. A mailing list of any kind is a good thing. If you are in the business of helping people or teaching them how to make money then a newsletter is a good idea.

    1. Don’t over publish. This is a common mistake many people make when they are using their list to make money off of it. The temptation to constantly email your list is a bad thing and you can not do it. Keep your newsletter fresh by mailing on a regular basis and only when you have something good to say.

    2. Do publish on a regular basis. A newsletter that comes out weekly, monthly or quarterly is welcome because it becomes expected. If you don’t publish for 2 months and then you publish twice in one week and then not again for one month you really should drop it altogether.

    3. Offer content that is cutting edge. Boring rehashed articles that are 2 years old is a very good way to lose subscribers. Fresh content that is unique and timely is a great way to keep subscribers and get referrals.

    4. Mix up products and programs or any advertising with your content. A Home Business Ideas newsletter that is nothing more than a sales letter or a bunch of ads is not going to be welcome and when people realize what you are doing they will hit the delete button or unsubscribe.

    5. Have a catchy title. Remember the old saying “If you don’t get read, you are dead.” This is true and a good headline can help get your newsletter opened.

    6. Use a quality autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse. In these days and times getting your email newsletter delivered is half the battle. A good quality autoresponder can help you with that. It can also help you publish a quality looking newsletter with things like graphics and hyperlinks that make it more interactive.

    7. A good Home Business Ideas newsletter delivers what it promises. You are telling people you can show them how to make money. Now you have to do that. To help you along those lines you should subscribe to a few good newsletters and see what it going on in the marketplace. Plus it will give you ideas for your own newsletter.

    These are just a few Home Business Ideas newsletter tips. If you enjoy publishing a newsletter it will come across and you will build a loyal following that can make you money as well for years to come.

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