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3 Strategies TV Infomercials Use To Improve Your Internet Business Newsletter Conversions

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    The right way to improve your internet business newsletter conversions is through watching TV infomercials. You’re asking why? Let me explain my 3 strategies first and then things will be easier to understand for you.

    Internet business newsletter owners are trying to accomplish 2 things with a newsletter. First is to inform and second is to sell a product or service. Don’t be fooled by any newsletter that says they are not trying to accomplish these 2 goals.

    Maybe you are an owner or are thinking of becoming a publisher of your own newsletter. Many business owners want a successful and profitable newsletter but need some help on conversions. Infomercials are a great place to get some ideas on You have seen hundreds of these infomercials over your lifetime but have you REALLY watched them? They are an education waiting to happen if you currently own an internet business newsletter.

    Let us take a look at 3 strategies from TV infomercials that you can apply to your own newsletter.

    Strategy 1) Testimonials: When publishing your own internet home business newsletter and reviewing a product, it’s a must to have verifiable testimonials on it. You can also have a link that leads people to the sales copy of a product you’re recommending with lots of testimonials on it. Infomercials have tons of testimonials (sometimes 10-20 throughout the 30 minute program) to reinforce the fact that the product they are pitching has brought about many satisfied customers. Same thing with a newsletter should be applied. You need to do this because it simply brings credibility to your ad copy and business. You will want to avoid over hype but find a delicate balance.

    Strategy 2) Call To Action: Infomercials repeat their offer several times asking you to call the phone number throughout the broadcast. Apply this simply in your newsletter by putting the link sprinkled in your ad copy several times leading people to the main sales page or the order form itself. During this step you’ll want to avoid not having the right balance here as well. Don’t overdo the links here or your copy is diluted and turns readers off. The right mix is important so try and put a link after every 2-3 paragraphs is perfect.

    Strategy 3) Repeat The Offer: You will often see with infomercials the same broadcast every night on several stations. There is an old technique that says the potential customer has to see the offer 5-7 times before they are convinced to order. Don’t be afraid to send the same offer to your internet business newsletter subscribers. With this step it’s going to be really important to avoid giving up too soon. A good barometer is 5-7 times the offer has to be presented to the potential customer.

    It’s best to follow each and every one of these 3 strategies carefully. You will be profitable with your internet business newsletter and with effectiveness by following these tips. You can then enjoy each of the benefits and rewards that will go with your success!

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