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10 Tips to Maximize Your AdSense Revenue

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    However; if few of the tricks are applied, the revenue would be enhanced up to several folds. Followings are some of the tricks which you can apply in order to generate or increase the AdSense revenue.

    It is necessary that the ads which are going to be displayed on your webpage should be related closely to the content of your page. In order to do that you are required to modify the content of your webpage and to perform few amendments in it. You are required to create an open topic on your webpage. The content of your topic should have reasonable keyword density. You should make your keywords in the content, either bold or italic, and have to use them in the title as well.

    In order to generate more revenue, you are required to get the targeted ads on your webpage. This would become possible if you use the keywords in appropriate density. The internet users are found interested to click on the targeted ads, and hence in this way you would get more money from the AdSense.
    In order to divert the traffic towards your webpage, it is necessary to make contents and to use keywords which are searched by most of the people. Try out the keyword research tools. By virtue of these tools, it would become possible to get high traffic on your website and hence the Google ads would be hit more frequently on your webpage.
    The ads on your webpage should be properly placed like at the top position, and they should be of larger size. These types of ads perform better than smaller sized ads.
    In order to attract the users and their attention, it is better to embed the Google ads in between the lines of the page content. In this way, these ads would get more attention of the users and the chances of their hits would be increased up to many folds.
    For acquiring the attention of users, try to rotate the colors of the ads. You can rotate up to 4 different color palattes. The rotation of the color scheme in an advertisement is not difficult and you can learn it easily.
    You should be able to track the ads on your webpage. If you will do that you will get more than 150 custom channels. You are also required to check the position of the ads at different places. So that you can come to know the best position with respect of revenue generation.
    Utilize the AdSense’s search box facility which can provide you the handsome revenue, when the visitors will click the ads that would come in the search results.
    Another trick to generate the handsome amount of revenue is to generate as many websites as you can. The more websites you will be running, the more ads would be displayed and the more money you will earn.
    Your website should be generated in a scientific manner. If you make a site map, the Google will crawl your site easily in order to optimize it. Those websites provide more revenue which get good rank in the Google directory. Therefore; in order to make your site good for the Google, create pages according to a site map.

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